Friday, November 2, 2007

New Photoshop logo

I know you guys probably have seen it already, but I decided to post it here anyways. Adobe decided to, all of a sudden, change the logo for Photoshop. Now wait, that doesn't mean that they're gonna change the icon of the program in CS3, but probably from CS4 on, as well as in all the marketing material that is done for Photoshop specifically.

The logic behind it is fairly simple. Photoshop has now gone beyond being a simple photo-manipulation software, and has ventured into web, and video editing. It's become an essential piece of software for so many different fields that Adobe felt it needed a logo that reflected that. So the design agency created a logo that would not only look good on your dock and on print, but also something that could be more interactive in video and in animations.

I think it was too early in the game for them to do this, specially after the harsh logo transition that they went through in CS3, with the squared color boxes. It was a bold move, that ticked some people off, but that ultimately, was accepted. Not to say that the new logo won't soon be embraced by the design industry, but right now it seems to me like a step back in Adobe's market positioning.

Tolleson Design was the agency responsible for the redesign. Click here to view more images of it.

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