Friday, October 26, 2007

A Blast from the (not-so-distant) Past

I might post some old work time and again here. I know, that's not what this blog is about, but with this particular piece, I feel that it's right. So once upon a time I worked on a campaign for a Brazilian nightclub. I worked hard and long on creating digital mockups with low rez files that we wanted to present to the client before they approved the budget for the photo shoot. The work was long, but the campaign was good, and the work was noble, and was looking good. In the middle of the process, we sent a jpeg to the photographer, so he could see more or less what we were going for. I continued working at it, and stayed late at the agency to finish the campaign since the presentation was the very next day. Upon my arrival the next morning, I wanted to tweak a few things before the presentation. My jaw dropped when I was told by the owner of the agency that the hard drive where the campaign was stored had failed. For the rest of the days and the coming weeks, we tried to restore it through a bunch of different companies specialized in it, and nada. All that was left was this crummy unfinished digital rough of a postcard...

And that, it a tale to tell for anyone who doesn't back-up daily.

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