Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cars, cars, and more cars.

Lately seems like people are drinking from the same pond when creating advertising. I mean, I understand that some ideas can happen at the same time in different places, but come on, at least research what's out there. So I was questioned about what I thought about the similarity between these two ads. They're both ads for car companies, Toyota and Audi, and both have the car being built, and feature time passing faster than normal, and the camera surrounds the car in both ads.

Could it be that someone is ripping someone off? Honestly, The shots and the time passage thing, I believe, are just film techniques. The essence of the ads isn't that similar. Much more similar, would be the Audi concept to the Mercedes Benz C-Class concept (below). Both deal with taking their time to build a good car, of course, they both go about it in different ways though.

But if you want to see a car commercial that runs from the ordinary, and that still cracks me up every time I see it. God Bless CP+B.

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