Monday, October 22, 2007

Tim Hortons unfinished

Well, there's a reason that this blog is called Rough Drafts and not Finished Works :P (Disclaimer: If you want to see my portfolio, with all my finished pieces, some of which were presented in this blog, head over to For all you folks who chose to stay here, I'll treat you to my latest work. I had this whole thing planned out where I was going to show you step by step of my process for this project, but I haven't found the time to scan in stuff yet, so for now, I'll just show you where I'm at right now.

This is a project for Tim Hortons, which is basically a Canadian "Dunkin Donuts meets Starbucks" They're famous for their coffee and donuts. This place is dominant up there, handling up to 78% of all the coffee sold and 56% of the pastry (in restaurants). Crazy huh? Well, they haven't yet managed to reach anywhere near that level of success in the US, which is what this campaign is about, awareness. I wanted to focus on the fact that Tim Hortons has combos and different kinds of foods, as well as their well-known (though not in America) coffee. Without further ado (sorry, this was a long post).

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thiegoo said...

eii, eu conheço essa parada de onibus.. hehehe eh a que fica de frente pra rua da igreja!! hauahuahauhau