Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are some posters I did for an ad campaign that I did for my Business Practices of Advertising. CNN is obviously a well-known and respected brand, but I felt like I had to bring in some elements that could be consistently used. So I created these red stripes that emulate the lines in their logo. These stripes create an interesting element that is dynamic and introduces movement to the page. The background is white but has some highlights that also relate to the reflective nature of the stripes.

The concept of the ad is to convey that CNN is the only network that can bring you the insight to understand the news. By presenting key words with the letter "n" doubled and the c,n,and n highlighted in red, it stands out and give the idea that CNN is intertwined with those words.

The other one is a print ad for the show Anderson Cooper 360, a show that comes on every night on CNN and that goes more in depth with the headline stories.

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